Ely Stage Stop welcomes Walt Campbell for Aug. 26 Living History Day

KELSEYVILLE, Calif. – On Saturday, Aug. 26, the docents and volunteers of the Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum will welcome Walt Campbell of Six Sigma Ranch.

Campbell’s talk, which begins at noon, will take listeners on a tour of Lake County.

Admission is free and refreshments are furnished by the Ely volunteers. Donations are accepted but not required.

Campbell was born and raised in Pacifica. In 1976 an opportunity to teach science and coach football at Lower Lake High School lured Campbell and his wife Janet four hours north to Lake County.

After 21 years at Lower Lake High, Campbell was principal of Coyote Valley Elementary School for 11 years. He joined the Six Sigma Ranch team in July 2009 as director of hospitality.

Campbell is now retired, but you can still see him at events at the ranch.

The Lake County Historical Society’s Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum is located at 9921 State Highway 281 (Soda Bay Road) in Kelseyville, near the Clear Lake Riviera, just north of Highway 29-Kit’s Corner. Current hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday.

Living History events are held on the fourth Saturday of each month and begin at noon.

Visit www.elystagestop.org or www.lakecountyhistory.org, check out the stage stop on Facebook at www.facebook.com/elystagestop, or call the museum at 707-533-9990.