First Sunday Fiddlers 2014

The First Sunday of each month saw Ely hosting the California Old Time Fiddlers Association

Photographs Courtesy of Greg Blinn

California Old Time Fiddlers Association





3 thoughts on “First Sunday Fiddlers 2014

  1. Wonderful day. Everyone should visit this event (held each month) and enjoy our local celebrations of music and history in Lake County. Thanks to everyone for being so friendly and generous! Great event for families.

  2. Hi –

    I went once with Dave and Cindy and Maya and want to show up for the first Sunday of September show with a friend who plays mandolin. He is wondering if there is a compilation of the music that he can get beforehand so as to practice the tunes before sitting in. Please let me know and I will have you mail it to me and pay any fee and get it to him. Thank you – Jeff Harrington

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